Mr. Amit Kumar Jain – Inspiring Conversation | Webcast E10| STEMplify

The founder of STEMplify, Mr. Yashraj Singh is in conversation with Mr.Amit Kumar Jain, discussing the impact of STEM Education in India. STEMplify comes with a series of experiential STEM learning programs designed by global educators and corporate firms spread across various industries like #Automobile #Designing #Project #Management #Artificial #Intelligence #Gaming #Coding #Machine #learning #3D designing #Robotics and #Entrepreneurship.

Mr. Jain holds 17+ years of rich experience and he is a graduate of Osmania University & Post-Graduate from XLRI, Jamshedpur Mr. Amit has been associated with Hindustan Aeronautics & TATA Tinplate, and in 2017, he was awarded Education Leadership Award. Mr. Jain started his journey as Management Trainee and now He is the Director, of Oakridge International Schools.

Mr. Jain’s mantra of life is “How a leader should behave both in the time of successes and failures “. Mr. Jain believes that we have to set things Right from the foundation level of the education system than the higher education system. And also he believes that the day you stop learning is the last day of life. STEM helps students develop higher thinking skills which are very relevant for 21st-century skills. Mr. Jain thinks there will be no jobs that will not include STEM or STEAM. The message to students from Mr. Jain is “Don’t stop being CURIOUS”.

Take a quick look at her monosyllabic answers to our rapid-fire questions:

🔭Favorite Subject: Science

⚖️Not-So-Favorite: Civics

🚴Favorite Sport: Cycling

🥘Favorite Cuisine: Rajasthani Food (Veg.)

🛳️Dream Vacation: Singapore

🏎️Favorite STEM course: F1 in Schools India

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