Why Implementing More Technology is Crucial for Football

With football being such a big business, the beautiful game needs to operate smoothly. The use of technology in sports has historically been a contentious issue. “Video reviews will slow down the game” and “unfair advantage” are some of the complaints that get thrown at sporting bodies of the world when technology comes under scrutiny. Arguments about goal-line technology negatively affecting the speed of play are redundant. There are a number of systems out there, but none of them really slows the game down. Hawk-Eye uses visual data gathered from high frame rate cameras around the pitch to triangulate the position of the ball at all times. If the ball crosses the line, the referee is alerted the following second. Vanishing spray works exactly as you see it from your seat. When sprayed from the nozzle, this concoction is released as a foam, which eventually vanishes, leaving only water behind. The foam is used to make sure players keep a certain distance away from the ball and is used entirely at the discretion of the referee. With such a simple concept helping to regulate football on the pitch, it’s a wonder why it has taken this long to be introduced. When you consider how much time gets wasted with the ball out of play or players down injured, a second to make sure the right decision is made is virtually nothing. With so much at stake, more such investments will surely pay dividends in the long-term.

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